A boy and a girl were admitted to the same hospital at the age of 4. And 20 years later they got married

You never know in advance where you will win and where you will lose!

They say that first love is the purest and strongest. Many people carry this bright feeling through their whole life, but few people manage to become spouses. The story of Emily and Cameron Kohlman is just from the category of the latter!

In 1995, two 4-year-old children – a boy and a girl – were admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, Maryland) for treatment of bladder exstrophy. The children underwent operations with an interval of only a few days.

Bladder exstrophy is a congenital malformation in which the bladder is not inside, but outside. With the exception of the genitourinary system, children with exstrophy are no different from other children and develop in the same way as their peers.

Despite the fact that Emily and Cameron were from different states of America, they quickly became friends.

We were both tied to a hospital bed. We were united by a vicious defect called bladder exstrophy. In 1995, our parents could not imagine that this shortcoming would reward us with a lifelong blessing.

After being discharged from the hospital, the two had been in close contact for 20 years.

In adolescence, their friendship grew into something more. Emily and Cameron fell in love with each other.

In 2006, after many years of friendship, we fell in love. But in fact, I fell in love with Cameron back in 1995, when he, as a little boy, kissed me for the first time in the hospital. Our love was endless and uncompromising.

As high school students, Emily and Cameron knew that they would definitely get married.

But before the wedding, the couple had to go through a serious distance test. Since the lovers lived in different states (Emily — in Wisconsin, and Cameron — in Ohio), for a long time they had to constantly visit each other.

People thought we were stupid schoolchildren who naively believed that a long-distance relationship could develop into a life together. We proved to everyone that they were wrong!

In 2012, Cameron finally made Emily a marriage proposal.

On November 21, 2012, Cameron got down on one knee, took an engagement ring out of his cowboy boot and asked me to be his wife. In 2015, we had a perfect wedding. Then we bought a house and continued to fill our lives with eternal love and laughter.

So, this loving couple got married 20 years after their first acquaintance! The power of their love is impressive!

And recently, a completely healthy beautiful daughter was born to this happy couple!

Our princess was born by Caesarean section. Everly Grace is 3 kilograms of absolute perfection!

Emily recently shared her love story on the Facebook page Love What Matters, where her touching story immediately caught a lot of attention.

Looking back, Emily writes that she has no regrets.

Although there were moments when I wondered why Cameron and I were chosen to experience the intense pain that accompanies bladder exstrophy, now I understand everything. I would go through this 100 more times to get my reward in the form of this amazing life next to my incredible husband and beautiful daughter.

You never know in advance where you will win and where you will lose!

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