77-year-old woman has been carrying her paralyzed son on her back for 59 years

This is what eternal love and devotion looks like…

Olga Boshkovich, who lives in Muszyna, once again proves how strong and sacrificial maternal love is. 77-year-old Olga has carried her paralyzed son Predrag on her back for over 50 years.

When Olga found out she was pregnant, the child’s father left them. The woman gave birth, and it turned out the baby boy would remain disabled his entire life. But the woman did not leave the baby. Instead, she took him and went to live in a small room that her parents had given her. When the boy grew up a little, the woman carried him to school. She wanted him to be among other children and develop properly with them.

Years passed, Predrag became a man, but his mom still carries him. She was offered a wheelchair, but the woman did not accept it. She says she’s coping on her own. In addition, Predrag makes beautiful woodcrafts with his left hand, which he then gives to his family and friends as gifts.

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