7,2-kg baby was born 39 years ago: what he looks like now

He is now living a happy life!

Kevin Robert Clark was born in 1983. He was the biggest newborn in his country weighing 7,2 kg.

His mother – Patricia Clarke – expected the baby to be a giant, as their other babies were also huge. However, the parents were quite surprised to see what their son looked like a few years later.

When the mother and the newborn returned home from the hospital, all the clothes and the cradle turned out to be too small for him. And it was really difficult to find appropriate clothes for the boy. At the age if 12 the boy was 152cm in height.

The boy couldn’t even do sports because of his unusual height. His family encouraged him to play basketball, but the guy was not fond of it. Instead, he liked hunting and fishing.

Kevin is already 39 years old. He weighs 136kg and is 2 meters tall. He is a state trooper. Many people make fun of him because of his height. As a result he has developed complexes and doesn’t like being the center of attention.

Fortunately, the man has found the love of his life and now they are happily married. They also have a lovely dog as a member of their small family.

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