70-year-old veteran without legs managed to plant 17 000 trees for 19 years

A lot of difficulties, and he still takes care of Nature!

Planting trees is not an easy occupation even for a young and healthy person. And what about a disabled and retired man? However, a 70-year-old resident of the village of Mayu named Ma Sanxiao has been planting trees for twenty years from morning to evening. Over this time, the man managed to create a big forest of 17000 trees.

At his young ages, Ma dreamt about military service. That’s why after finishing school he joined the army. But already three years later, he had to say goodbye to his military uniform. Sanxiao suffered from an infection and sepsis developed.

After demobilization the man returned to his native village, where he first worked as a teacher and then a farmer. The infection became noticeable only a few years later. At first, the inflammation of the right leg began and it had to be amputated. Later the same thing happened to the left leg.

Ma’s family went into a lot of debt to save at least one of the legs. Unfortunately, everything was in vain. However, the man never gave up. He decided to pay for the loans that were taken for his treatment on his own. So he started planting trees.

Starting from 2000, as soon as the sun rises, Sanxiao gets on his bike and goes to work outside the village. Ma takes a pickaxe, a shovel and some food for the whole day. There the Chinese man takes off his prostheses, puts on his gloves and crawls to plant trees.

There are two facts that prove, that this occupation is dangerous. One day Ma was working on the cliff of a mountain, he couldn’t hold and fell. Another time he lost the little finger on his hand.

Local authorities found out about the self-sacrificing old man. They paid off the loans of the disabled man. However Ma didn’t abandon his occupation. Now Sanxiao does this in gratitude. The Chinese man says, he intends to plant trees till his last day.

Sooner or later, Ma will leave this world. But the memory about him will live for a very long time in the form of thousands of trees. Hats off to this incredible man with great willpower!

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