6 years ago, this couple had a son: How the family lives and what the boy looks like

Trisha has always tried to live a full life and not waste time on depression

Michael and Trisha are originally from Idaho, USA. The couple met when they were students. They lived not far from each other, so they often got home together, and often visited each other. Over time, this ordinary friendship grew into something more.

The height of the girl Trisha is only 86 cm, and the guy named Michael is 180 cm and such a couple looked very unusual. In 2009, they decided to get married.

Trisha was born in 1990, but for health reasons, at the time of birth, the baby had to spend half a year in the hospital, under the strictest supervision of doctors. The fact is that the girl’s bones were very fragile and the doctors came to the conclusion that her height would not reach more than 1 meter.

But, despite this feature, Trisha has always tried to live a full life and not waste time on depression. Instead of home schooling, she attended a regular school, then went to college, where she met her soulmate.

According to Michael, from the moment when Trisha said “Yes” to this day, he feels like the happiest man in the world. He is ready to carry his beloved in his arms all his life, in the truest sense of the word.

After the wedding, the young couple moved into a large house with its own yard, everything was perfect, only children’s laughter in this huge house was missing for complete happiness.

Doctors strongly discouraged Trisha from giving birth, but her and her husband’s desire to become parents was stronger.

And almost six years ago, the son of Trisha and Michael was born. The boy was named Maven. He was born at 33 weeks of pregnancy. His weight was 1750 grams, and he was absolutely healthy! Fortunately, he didn’t inherit his mother’s peculiarity, and already at the age of three he surpassed her in height.

Maven is now almost 6 years old, he is preparing for school and attends various preparatory courses. Trisha keeps her blog on social networks, where she shares moments from the life of their family.

The couple’s dream is to give birth to another baby, but that’s all in the future.

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