4-year-old girl got lost in 1999, and was found only 20 years later

She could finally find her real parents

Twenty years ago, a family from Belarus lost their 4-year-old daughter. Let’s see how the fate of the child turned out.
Viktor Moiseenko went to sell potatoes at the capital’s market that day, and took little Julia with him. When they were returning from Minsk, the tired man dozed off, and some strangers took away the baby.

Having discovered the loss, the father lost his mind trying to find the child. He thought she had just wandered off and got lost, but the search for Julia was brought no results. Neither the police nor the friends and volunteers who joined the search could find the girl.

Julia remembers vaguely who took her away, the only thing left of those memories is the panic fear of people in uniform. Apparently, the criminals specifically instilled the fear in child in order not to get caught by law enforcement. It is not surprising that the Belarusian police did not find the girl. Julia was found at the railway station in Ryazan by local law enforcement officers.

The girl was placed under the care of social services, and a few months later she was adopted. In addition to her own name, Julia was able to remember only the names of her real parents. Even the date of birth was indicated to her approximately.

The girl was lucky with a new family. She became the third child for Irina Alpatova. The woman already had two boys, but one of them was seriously ill. Then the woman, exhausted by her experiences, promised that if her child recovered, she would take an orphan for upbringing.

On the day when Julia was being prepared to be transferred to an orphanage, Irina came to the guardianship authorities to fulfill her promise. She did not try to look for real parents, as she was sure that the child was born to dysfunctional people. The girl was dirty, dressed in light clothes, her legs had traces of frostbite. Julia Moiseenko disappeared on October 1, 1999, and was found in Ryazan three weeks later.

This affectionate and obedient baby quickly won the hearts of new relatives. After graduating from school, she followed in Irina’s footsteps and got a specialty as a pharmacist, got married and became a mother herself. Alas, Julia’s marriage broke up, but her new boyfriend, Yuri, helped her realize her long-standing dream. Foster parents did not hide her story from the girl, despite the love and harmony in the family, she still wanted to know her real parents.

Yura managed to find among the police orientations data that coincided with Julia’s story, and then contacted her real family. Moiseenko did a DNA test and made sure that it was not for nothing that they believed in a miracle all these years. Now Julia has two loving families, she still lives in Ryazan, where she has a life, but communicates with her family every day.

The foster mother is very happy for Julia and her parents, who have found each other. The woman does not even imagine how she herself would worry if she were in Julia’s relatives’ shoes.

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