“20 Years Later”: what happened to the girl, whom her mother gave to the gypsies

Mother is not the one who gives birth, but the one who raises the child. Sometimes strangers treat children much better, than those who give life to them. And our today’s story is a proof to that.

Tanya was born a cute girl with Slavic appearance – an adorable blond angel. However, the girl’s biological mother didn’t want to take the responsibility of raising her own child.

By the way, Tanya was Maria’s fifth child. The woman had no money, no opportunity and no wish to look after them. Well, after all, she was addicted to alcohol.

So, when the youngest daughter turned 5, the mother decided to give the kid to a gypsy camp to save more money for drinks.

The gypsies were shocked by the woman’s act and, of course, didn’t let the child die on the streets. This amazing woman named Lala took Tanya to her family and raised the girl as her own daughter.

Despite the fact, that Tatyana differed a lot from the gypsies by her appearance, she grew up in love and care. A year later of the mother’s cruel act, the girl had already forgotten about her.

Now Tanya is 27 years old, and she surely knows her story, but still the camp is her family, and Lala is her mother.

The girl never wanted to search for Maria. She only wanted to meet her siblings.


That’s the story!

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