2-year-old daughter of the 110-cm-tall man

Thanks to his confidence, the man has achieved great heights

James Lusted is a famous actor and TV host. The 33-year-old man is 110cm tall.

If you think that a man with such height can never be successful and will always live in shades, you are completely wrong!

James is sure that his height is his calling card. Thanks to his confidence, this man has managed to achieve great heights in his career and personal life.

In 2014, James had his first date with Chloe. The whole date was hilarious. The fact that Chloe was 60cm taller than James, didn’t prevent them from loving each other.

They were sitting in a cafe and when they asked for the menu, the waiter brought only one for Chloe. Then he brought a notebook and colorful pencils for James. They all laughed a lot and no one was offended. After this date their relationship developed a lot. They still laugh when they remember that day.

In 2017 they got married, and in 2019 Chloe gave birth to their first child. The couple named the baby Olivia, she is already 2 years old. The girl is surrounded with the unconditional love and care of her parents.

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