17-year-old boy confessed his love to a 71-year-old woman

Society isn’t used to such non-standard couples

We are so used to seeing young men with young women and old men with old women, that this non-standard couple immediately attracts everyone’s attention.

After losing her eldest child, Amanda was lucky to meet Gary at church. The woman could never expect to meet her soulmate under such circumstances.

Amanda had no one by her side, and Gary immediately became her greatest support. Now she can’s imagine her life without her beloved man. Moreover, the lovers have married recently!

The wedding was held at Amanda’s grandmother’s house. The bride appeared in a delicate wedding dress.

It turned out, that before meeting Amanda, Gray had been in a serious relationship with a 77-year-old woman. Eventually they got disappointed and broke up.

The families of both lovers were absolutely against their union. Nevertheless, their disapproval didn’t prevent them from forming a new family.

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