14 years ago, surgeons separated conjoined twins: how they live now

They were separated, but they kept this connection forever

Now Isabel and Abby Carlson are absolutely ordinary twin girls. They are just a copy of each other, very cute and shy. It’s hard to believe that about ten years ago they might not have survived…

The babies were born as Siamese twins, their tiny bodies were joined. But the most difficult thing in this situation was that Isabel’s little heart was beating in Abby’s chest. And all the internal organs were mixed up in two bodies. But thanks to specialists, girls can now live a normal life. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic have been specially trained for some time to perform such a very complex operation. It took place in several stages, and there were whole teams of doctors – for the heart, for the pancreas, for the liver, for plastic surgery, etc. And the most difficult thing is that the patient is not one, but two… Two lives are at stake, which must be saved.

The most difficult operation was carried out on May 12, 2006. There were 17 doctors working! The operation was successful. Both babies survived, and two weeks later the girls were able to return home.

It’s been 14 years. Girls live an ordinary life, go to school, to gymnastics. They have a lot of friends, like to be fashionable, and constantly dress up in a variety of outfits.

But besides that, they also like to compete with each other. As psychologists say, they had to be separated, if only for the fact that each of them is a separate person. And the sisters also admit that they like to hold hands in public places.

Parents remember that when the girls were born, they held hands tightly. They were separated, but they kept this connection forever.

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